Can a RecycleSmart Waste Audit help reduce your carbon footprint?

Join RecycleSmart's Sharon Smith as she hosts this webinar to help educate business owners, leaders and operators on how conducting annual RecycleSmart Waste Audits can help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. 

In this webinar, we discuss key items such as:

  • the requirements of waste audits in Canada
  • difference between a diversion rate and capture rate
  • how to make your waste data work for you once you have it
  • the multiple ways a waste audit reduces your carbon emissions and improves your environmental impact

Sharon Smith is joined by RecycleSmart Waste Audit Specialist, Carlo Caponigro who presents his insider knowledge. Carlo has been actively improving businesses waste programs through a methodical approach to waste audits since 2007. Download the webinar and learn more from his first had experience! 

Any follow-up questions can be sent directly to: RecycleSmart Waste Audits attention to:

  • Sharon Smith
    National Sustainability Manager

  • Carlo Caponigro
    Waste Audit Specialist 




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