What is Waste Under Management?

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Apr 19, 2022 4:55:04 PM

Your business has been resilient, pushed through the uncertainty and unpredictability of a global pandemic, nice work! With business getting back into the swing of things now is a great time to embrace the benefits of efficiency and transparency – no better place to start than your business waste and recycling strategy. Here at RecycleSmart our Waste Wizards are big champions of optimization but at what stage in your business’s lifecycle is the right time to take the leap to a fully managed program? Let’s first start with the differences between traditional and fully managed waste and recycling program.

What is a traditional waste and recycling program?

Businesses operating in Canada have traditionally run on a fixed schedule waste and recycling program.

A fixed schedule waste and recycling program is when you contract a waste and recycling vendor to provide service to your businesses with a direct contract on a fixed schedule. Just like how your local municipality provides its residential waste and recycling for your home on a fixed day of the week.

Fixed waste schedules are great for some types of businesses, they offer consistent and reliable service to ensure that your waste and recycling bins are collected on a regular basis.

Waste Under Management - Smart Recycling


The “set it and forget it model” is simple to manage and great for businesses that have:

  • Consistent waste stream materials month over month
  • Mainly materials that can only be sent to a landfill with limited diversion opportunities
  • Operate a limited number of locations
  • Operate in similar waste and recycling regions/ municipalities
  • Have an accounting department to ensure consistent and appropriate billing with no errors
  • Have onsite staff to ensure proper training and signage are maintained
  • Staff can confirm and correct any contamination issues before pickups


If your business has these available resources then a traditional waste and recycling program is likely all you need, keep up the great work! Just like Mom’s cooking, homemade is best but is sometimes not that scalable.

If you’re thinking that your business could benefit from service optimization and would like to improve the performance of your waste and recycling programs, then a “waste under management” approach might be the thing for your business. Let’s take the lid off “waste under management”!

What is “waste under management”?

So, we’ve touched on what a traditional waste and recycling program is, lets dumpster dive into how a “waste under management” program works. RecycleSmart specializes in what is called SMART Recycling which is a term coined for a professionally managed waste and recycling program for commercial businesses. This program takes deep waste industry knowledge and empowers commercial businesses using our proprietary, built in Canada - Pello Sensor technology.

Pello Sensor detecting contamination


We provide the data directly to you through your customer portal along with a dedicated Account Manager who will analyze your waste streams, assess location requirements and even help with setting budgets. Instead of multiple vendors, multiple invoices and different service standards in every city we offer a consolidated service standard with One Invoice. RecycleSmart has a team of Waste Wizards that actively manage your day-to-day headaches such as contamination issues, billing errors, specialized pickups, tenant & employee training, and customized education programs. They work their magic to get you the best waste and recycling program rates through our national network of vendor partners.


Your business should consider a switch from traditional waste and recycling program to “waste under management” if any of these are true:

  • Your business manages your own waste and recycling programs - you’re not a tenant that uses landlord services such as enclosed malls or office buildings.
  • You want to improve the sustainability performance of your recycling program
  • Diverting waste from landfills is important to your business as a key metric of sustainability
  • Your business has multiple sites across different municipalities across the country
  • Your operational budget for waste and recycling is increasing from year to year
  • Understands the value of optimization through technology and embrace new ways of doing business.Truck picking up Pello Sensor Bin

RecycleSmart has over a decade of experience working businesses in all types of sectors including:

  • Retail, Grocery and Entertainment
  • Residential and Commercial Property Management
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality

Ready to move from traditional to “waste under management”? The first step is to get in touch with the Waste Wizards at RecycleSmart.

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