What is the Ontario Regulation 102/94 for IC&I?

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Jun 11, 2021 1:32:40 PM

For those operating in the industrial, commercial, and institutional (IC&I) sectors in Ontario, it is important that you know about the Ontario Regulation 102/94 and how it can impact your company's operations. The Ontario Regulation 102/94 is a document that encompasses and addresses regulations for waste audits and waste reduction work plans. It is also known to be a sister regulation closely linked with the Ontario Regulation 103/94, which mandates that your business operating in IC&I will also need to maintain a source separation program. In this post we will cover On. Reg. 102/94 and will update our blog with more information on On. Reg. 103/94. 

On. Reg. 102/94 is provincial legislation used to enforce proper waste management practices for these sectors utilizing waste audits and waste reduction work plans. It uses threshold indicators to help owners determine when a waste audit needs to be conducted and mandates that your waste audit reports, and work plans must be updated every year.

Why is this relevant?

As a component to the Province of Ontario's commitment to sustainability and waste diversion, they are seeking to encourage businesses in these sectors to “reduce the amount of waste they produce, to reuse whatever waste they can and to recycle the rest.” But why? Well, it's to help Ontario achieve its overall goal of reducing the amount of waste going to waste disposal (landfill). It is estimated that Ontario produces the largest amount of non-residential waste generated in the country!

Now, we can be sure population has a major role to play seeing how Ontario’s population estimate is approximately 14 million persons, but still, it must also bear the responsibility to reduce its waste management inefficiencies where it can.


What is a Waste Audit and Waste Reduction Plan? 

Waste Audit

A waste audit is a systematic approach to identify the materials that are disposed of at a specific location, and different types of waste audits can be completed (structured or unstructured).


Waste Reduction Work Plan

A waste reduction work plan is a plan to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. The plan sets out who will implement each part of the plan, when each part will be implemented and what the expected results are. The WRWP plan is based on the results of the completed waste audit.


How would RecycleSmart help? 

RecycleSmart is a waste management company driven by innovation and technology. We are experts in waste and recycling in Canada and specialize in industrial, commercial, and institutional waste management and diversion. Our proven waste management process begins with a waste audit to identify operating inefficiencies and ends with operational cost savings. Our services include value-added features such as reliable data and concise audit reporting, waste optimization recommendations, sustainable alternatives, innovative technology applications, and ongoing waste diversion rate tracking. 

RecycleSmart offers waste audit and waste consulting services conducted in accordance with Ontario Regulation 102/94 – Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work Plans and Ontario Regulation 103/94 – Source Separation Programs.

Learn about all the other benefits of partnering with RecycleSmart:

  • To gain a clear and precise understanding of the waste and recycling currently being generated.
  • To identify existing problem areas.
  • To identify new opportunities for recycling.
  • To assist in diverting recyclable materials from the waste stream.
  • To decrease overall waste management costs through the identification of inefficiencies.
  • To assist in improving capture ratios and diversion rates.
  • To promote a positive, proactive, environmentally conscientious image.
  • To contribute to ISO 14001 documentation, BOMA BEST, LEED, RCO 3R Certification, Zero Waste, etc.


Facility Requirements Waste Audit Reference Chart 

On. Reg. 102 Chart


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