Are you wishing you were Recycling?

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Apr 29, 2020 2:55:01 PM

Recycling Smart means putting the right thing in the right bin at the right time. But often it's tough to figure out what goes where when you are standing in front of the recycling bin. Before you start "wishcycling" here is some info on why if you have doubts it might be best to chuck it out....



What's WishCycling?

Have you ever stood in front of the recycling bin wondering can this be recycled? Do you feel better tossing it into the garbage knowing it will be sent to landfill/incineration or putting it into the recycling bin hoping that someone, somewhere will recycle it? If you talk to anyone who works at a recycling plant they will tell you all kinds of weird stuff they've seen put into the recycling bin in the hope that it will be recycled. Do you know that you may be (gasp) practicing the unhealthy habit of "WISHCYCLING"!! You can get a quick overview of this terrible disorder on our handy "Why Not To Wishcycle Video"below.


Weird Stuff Found In Recycling Bins

Ask any garbage or recycling driver what they've found over the years and they will likely start naming off a long list of strange, gross and downright valuable things they've found during their daily duties. Many of these frontline soldiers on the war on waste end up with an impressive collection of unique finds or some extra spending money from selling their finds. Read more about some of the better finds here: including an Enigma coding machine which is amazing!




Screenshot_20200224-105615_RecycleSmart_Search"Use The Waste Wizard to Battle Wishcyling"!

If you're a RecycleSmart customer you're in luck (in more ways than one but today we're focusing on WishCycling - wait did we mention consolidated invoicing, cost reduction, advanced data reporting and the latest container sensor technology?)

Through our search tool, on the SmartService app you can look up recycling information for individual materials or items.

Let's say you have a lot of styrofoam packaging lying around and want to know how to properly dispose of it in your area.






Click on the magnifying glass symbol, type in your search term, and - voilà! - the app will give you exact instructions on how to handle this item.


In our sample location, this material has to go into the regular waste bin - so don't Wishcycle this into the Recycling Bin because it will be considered contamination and either will result in extra work for sorting workers or could contaminate an entire load. 

PS: Again, please remember that our example is location-specific, and not all locations have the same recycling options and pickups. If you'd like to add more options, our service wizards can arrange that for you.


Are you a recovering wishcycler? We can help....


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