Sharing Success - The Sustainable Way

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Mar 11, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Does talking about achievements make you feel uncomfortable sometimes? That's OK - it's kinda the Canadian way. But remind yourself that there are situations when it's important to talk about success - especially when it comes to your business: be it to celebrate a milestone, for reasons of transparency, or for the morale of your team.


Beyond Superficial

Do you remember the world of Mad Men where a simple observation like "It's toasted" had the power to change consumer behaviour? The days of sheeple (= sheep+people) are over, and the new generation wants to know what's going on behind the scenes - especially when it comes to sustainability and environmental impact. 

No worries, you don't have to share the ingredient list for Granny's Secret BBQ Sauce. This one is about waste management and recycling - and for good reason: if done wrong, it can have a huge effect on the environment and our communities. 

For many businesses today, public scrutiny, a push towards sustainability, and their growing sense of corporate social responsibility have led them to adapt a more transparent approach regarding their environmental or social initiatives: they have developed an active interest in sharing their efforts in those areas - because it's good for the conscience and for the relationship with clients.

Be Transparent

Modern businesses depend on their clients' trust and vice versa: as consumers, we want to know who we are dealing with and whether or not the business we put our trust in is reliable, and as businesses, we rely on word of mouth to spread our reputation. If you want to be successful, be that business and give people a good reason to trust you!

For example, if you've implemented a new waste management strategy, you should absolutely let people know. But be smart and don't exaggerate what you've achieved! Nothing spells "hypocrite" as clearly as celebrating a new recycling bin with a tire fire and live-streaming it on Facebook.

In a time of Social Media and ubiquitous access to information, the next shit-storm is just an over-confident Tweet away. It's better to realistically and honestly point out your project's goals, achievements, and next steps. This kind of approach creates trust and reliability.

Don't be afraid of using numbers: a good infographic in the right place can convey much more information than a paragraph of dense gibberish. RecycleSmart's Sustainability Dashboard offers monthly and quarterly reports on your recycling. If you opt to share the results, you give your clients the added benefit of trust and transparency.

Sharing is Caring

It's totally OK to include your sustainability and recycling projects in your social media, newsletters, and so on. Doing so gets the word out and has some positive side effects: it shows your efforts, draws attention to a good cause, and encourages others to join you!

So when you decide to get your recycling up to date with a waste audit, a set of new sensors, or some bespoke signage for your bins, remember to take a few snapshots or videos in the process. It'll make for a nice post - be it on the office Wall of Fame or on your social media. Show the world that you take your corporate responsibility and sustainability goals seriously.

As with all of your garbage and recycling needs, we are here for you - 24/7. Let us know how we can help. 


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