4 Easy Actions to Improve your Waste Diversion Rate

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Feb 20, 2020 10:45:00 AM

Recycling is a bit like education: the sooner you start, the better you get at it and the bigger the benefits - for your company, our community, and the entire environment. In this blog, we compiled a bunch of useful tips and tricks to make your recycling more efficient and sustainable - starting well before it reaches the bin.

Getting better at Garbage - Canada-wide!

Canada has been getting better at recycling (at least when it comes to paper and organic materials), but as with everything in life, there's always room to grow.

For us at RecycleSmart, caring about the way we deal with waste means being mindful about the entire journey of garbage - from the moment it leaves the consumer's hand, to where it goes immediately afterwards, and to what happens with it in the long run. Call us idealists - we like compliments;).

4 Easy Actions to Improve your Waste Diversion Rate - RecycleSmart

1. Garbology 101

First of all, yes, garbology is a real thing, and there are actual people who study trash (not to be confused with trash studies). The good news: to get better at garbage, you don't need a degree - just a bit of good will and the right industry partner. 

Admittedly, as average Joes and Janes, we have little influence on what happens after we've said our final good-byes to Monday morning's empty Timmie's cup: the bin is pretty much the end of our mutual journey. But even so, there is a lot we can do.

RecycleSmart - Waste Wizzard

It all starts with the right education (and an occasional refresher) on the latest recycling practices. Knowing what item goes into what bin lets the people at the other end of the line do their jobs properly. You have the power to give that piece of cardboard a second chance. Or a third. Or a fourth... The re-cycle of life!

It's important to know that the rules varie from city to city and community to community. Our RecycleSmart App makes you a Garbology pro in a tap: just type in the item or material and our database will tell you where and how to dispose of it. For extra credits, you can even schedule a special items pickup right away. Now that's a Straight A!

2. Spread the Word

You probably have that person in your office or in your friend circle who is really passionate about something and can't stop talking about it, right? Sure, it can be exhausting to listen to the same story for the 42nd time, but they get something right about giving people information.

Next time you happen to be in the lunchroom with Enthusiastic Ernie, take the chance to learn about your colleague's totally not creepy taxidermy collection, or finally try hot-yoga on your co-worker's recommendation ("So effective!"). 

But in all seriousness, communication and up-to-date information are key: you might know what the numbers in the triangle on your plastic packaging mean (fun fact: they indicate what kind of plastic an item is made of), but that might not be true for everyone in your company.

You don't have to become a full-time recycling missionary (the occasional "You sure that's the right bin?" might help, though). Just let your signage do the work for you! Visuals and easily understandable instructions help your staff get it right from the beginning, and let you say good-bye to banana peels in the paper bin.

3. Waste Auditors: At Your Service

Sometimes you've tried just about everything in your power but the desired results still don't present themselves. That probably means that the issues lies a little deeper than expected. If you've been feeling like you've reached the end of your line, don't despair - give us a call and we'll dispatch one of our Waste Wizards right away.

Our team of experts is happy to help you analyze and optimize your waste habits. They'll get rid of your waste demons and garbage monsters for you - fully exorcism-free and 100% for real. 

PS: Some places in Canada legally require businesses to do an annual waste audit. You'll be happy to hear that we fully comply with the regulations in Ontario. Book your audit ahead of time and avoid a horror-movie show-down with the Ministry of Environment - save the show-down for the movies...

4. Be tech-savvy

Did you know that your garbage bin can learn? True story! We teach it how to recognize what's in your waste with smart sensors. Our team installs a set of electronic eyes and ears (metaphorically speaking) in your container. Then the sensors feed our proprietary software with real-time data on fill levels, composition, and much more. 

Did someone accidentally put styrofoam in the plastics container? Garbage Santa already knows (again, metaphorically speaking - we don't keep a naughty list. But Liam Neeson might be coming for them...). You get full control over your garbage and recycling without even having to open the dumpster lid.

RecycleSmart - Improve your Waste Diversion

All solutions in one hand

There are many advantages to the RecycleSmart system, and it's probably the easiest and most convenient way to up your recycling game. Knowing what and how much goes into which container lets you adjust pickup schedules, container size and type, signage, etc. You get better at garbage and rock that recycling.

RecycleSmart offers a broad range of products and services to make your recycling process easier and more successful. Waste audits, signage solutions, training and education, as well as better measurement sensors contribute to your recycling efforts. Start small and work your way up - every pro starts somewhere!


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