E-Waste - Waste Reduction Week 2020

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Oct 9, 2020 5:16:29 PM

Wondering why e-waste is so important to manage? Let’s check out the dangerous elements found in computers, monitors and TVs, etc. and how they affect our environment and us.

First, what is e-waste? E-waste is old electronic goods that people toss into the trash before being dumped into landfill or similar sites. Electronics have a number of harmful elements that react with air and water to create problems in the form of diseases and pollution.


The most dangerous elements found in e-waste would be mercury and lead. High levels of lead contaminate our air, water and soil. This then distorts  brain development and poison our central nervous system and kidneys. High levels of mercury create skin and respiratory disorders. Mercury poisoning also causes acute brain damages. You would be surprised to discover that these elements are commonly found in computers and remotes. Therefore, it's important to make sure our electronics are properly disposed. 


Some of our clients have already taken initiative to promote e-waste management at their facilities. As a part of their continued effort to offer sustainable diversion programs to their valued tenants, our clients run an annual e-waste drive. Once a year, they place several bins on site for 2 weeks and encourage their tenants to drop off any electronics they need to dispose.




This program helps prevent poisonous and hazardous material entering into their waste bin and also encourages everyone to think more ways to divert trash away from landfill. RecycleSmart partners with them by coordinating the delivery and removal of these electronic bins. We are also available to partner on any sorting poster or recycling marketing material needs our clients may have.

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