Why is now the time to review your waste & recycling program?

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Jul 21, 2020 6:46:44 PM

As businesses across Canada start to re-open and restart it may seem like a funny time to review your waste and recycling program but based on our experience reopening RecycleSmart HQ it's a crucial part of the restart process. If you think this sounds crazy when you're already worrying about hand sanitizer, plexiglass and directional signage here are some key things to consider: 

  • Do you need the same level of services that you had before? If business levels are not the same consider using IOT sensors to correctly determine the new service schedule. RecycleSmart can help you with this if you need Canada's Waste Wizards to optimize your service levels!


  • Do you have new waste streams that need to be identified and signage/training updated? (Can I recycle my mask? where do latex gloves go? Can paper towel be composted if it has sanitizer on it? etc.) If you need a standard sign feel free to use our template or become a RecycleSmart customer and we'll customize one just for your business. 



  • With your new directional flow can employees and tenants access all recycling bins? Do you need move bins to new locations? Do you need more bins? 
    RecycleSmart sells a wide variety of bins if you need to change or add to your internal collection bins: https://recyclesmart.myshopify.com/





Can I recycle PlexiGlass? 

Recycling of PlexiGlass and Acrylic Plastic Sheeting is going to be a challenge as plastic protective panels need to be replaced or hopefully eventually a COVID-19 vaccine will be found and we can get back to being face to face without protections in place. Did you know? RecycleSmart is actively working on turnkey solutions for plexiglass and sheet plastic recycling in all major Canadian market areas to provide a turnkey solution when clients need this solution as we are forecasting a significant demand in the future.




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